Conference Topics


·        Financial Modeling

·        Combinatorial Optimization

·        Location, Logistics, Transportation, Traffic

·        Game Theory, Mathematical Economic

·        Math heuristics and Heuristics Methods

·        Multi Criteria Decision Making and Optimization

·        Applications of OR in Health and Life Sciences

·        Applications of OR in Industry and Natural Resources

·        Production Management and Supply Chain Management

·        Risk Analysis and Management

·        Scheduling, Timetabling, and Project Management

·        Simulation, Stochastic Programming and Modeling

·        DEA and Performance Measurement

·        Unconstrained and Constrained Optimization

·        Optimal Control

·        Data Mining

·        Application of Probability in OR

·        Mathematical Programming in Uncertain Conditions

·        Fuzzy Optimization

·        Application of OR in Other Sciences 

·        Queueing Theory